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Each year, Rotary clubs elect their leaders to provide guidance and direction. The leaders of the Westmont Rotary Club are:

President: Irv Kaplan

Each year, Rotary clubs elect one member to serve as club president. A club president leads and guides a club to ensure that it functions effectively.
The year before becoming president, the president-elect prepares for the responsibilities of the office.
Club president responsibilities
  • Runs club meetings
  • Presides at club board meetings
  • Appoints club committee chairs and members
  • Ensures that each committee has definite objectives and is functioning consistently
  • Holds regular club assemblies
  • Cooperates with the district governor in various club and district Rotary matters and handles all correspondence promptly
  • Creates a club budget and manages club finances, including an annual audit

President Elect: 

A club vice-president presides at meetings of the club and the board in the absence of the president.

Club president-elect responsibilities
  • A club president-elect
  • Attends the presidents-elect training seminar
  • Serves as a director on the club board
  • Begins planning for the presidential year

Secretary: John Long

The club secretary helps with many of the administrative tasks related to the operation of a club, including taking attendance, record keeping, writing meeting minutes, and reporting to RI (including the semiannual report).

Treasurer: Jim Bator

The club treasurer is responsible for the management and stewardship of club funds.

Immediate past president: Elaine Carmichael

Sergeant-at-arms: Harold C Barry III

During Rotary club meetings, the sergeant-at-arms maintains order, encourages fellowship among members, and assists the club officers as needed.

Club committee chairs

Club committee chairs are appointed by the club president-elect for the coming year. They convene regular committee meetings and activities, supervise and coordinate the committee’s work, and report to the club board on committee efforts.
Programs: Irv Kaplan and Harold Barry
Membership: Jinny Szymski 
Public Relations: Glen Liljeberg
Community Service: Linda Sobotka
New Generations and Exchange Student Officer: Greg Allen and Glen Liljeberg
Sergeant at Arms: Harold Barry
Foundation: Bob Blackburn